7:00am Optional Dawn Photo Walk – Meet at the corner 16th and Mission Street just outside the BART station. We’ll walk together to the Mission Bay Conference Center and snap a few images along the way. – Koci

9:00am Welcome – Nate Bolt

9:03am Workshop: Visual Storytelling – Koci & Dan Cristea

10:30am Coffee Break

12pm Lunch

1:10pm Some Prizes – Nate Bolt

1:20pm How the Camera Phone changed the World – Philippe Kahn

2:10pm iPhone Photography: Why Should We Care? – Jessica Zollman

2:25pm App Stacking for Image Creation on your Phone – Dan Marcolina

3:10pm Afternoon Break

3:35pm Welcome Back & Contest

3:40pm Crosswalk demo

3:45pm Shoot Now, App Questions Later – Dan Rubin

4:05pm The Camera Phone & the Pro Photographer – Lauren Lemon

4:25pm No Limits: Mobile-reporting from Afghanistan with the Basetrack Project – Teru Kuwayama

5:10pm Rooftop photo opp

6:30pm Happy Hour hosted by Postagram at 111 Minna

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